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September 24, 2003



Hi There is an interesting article in the last issue of the Economist that adds a twist to your article. In the game of Ultimatum, besides playing the game with all male participanta a level of tstosteron were measured and results criss crossed with rejection and level of homrmone, showing that 5 in 7 with highest testosteron have rejected unequal offer, and only 1 in 19 with low level of hormone did reject the offer.
Reiden, Switzerland

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A wonderful game that depicts the wonders of scinece

A theory depicted with a great practicle implementation.Realy an ultimatum game it is.

Sounds like a sweet game. I found the new thing for me to do when I'm bored with friends.

A natural ability, intuition is something deep within us all. It is a powerful sense of knowing something without a logical rationale for how it is known or where the information came from.

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