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April 19, 2005


Addicts become addicted to drugs for myriad reasons. This may or may not have anything to do with the article, but it is quite possible to return to baseline, be clean and not be motivated by cues or cravings derived thereof.

In the case of recovering cocaine and other stimulant addicts, there is a point where ingestion of the drug results in an almost immediate cortisol response - one of the symptoms of 'coming down' from stimulants after a long night out, resulting in mere panic and no 'high'. No cravings.

There is a saying, "I didn't quit the drugs; the drugs quit me."

Why? The repeated use of stimulants results in a release of adrenaline similar to a heightened fear response. Over time, this results in a rewriting of the hypothalamus similar to that found in veterans suffering PTSD.

So instead of peripheral stimuli (needles, etc.) resulting in cravings or providing cues, it actually instigates a fear response in some cases. This could also be the brain's way of self-regulating.

On the other hand, opiate addicts often self-medicate not for 'fun' but for relief of emotional pain due to undiagnosed or untreated neurochemical imbalance.

To be honest, I haven't read the attached study. The only reason I'm writing in response to this post is because my other half overdosed on heroin on April 19, 2005, when this entry was posted. He wasn't doing it for 'fun' or 'hedonism'. He was simply trying to quell his own demons. You know, 'pain relief.'

I believe a lack of proper psychiatric care, empathy from doctors, the intrinsically flawed and politically motivated studies promoted by the DEA and published in 'respected' medical journals, the FDA's political agenda, the rehabilitation industry (which would not exist if it actually *cured* people, would it?) and the total lack of understanding from his own family that resulted in his death. It irritates me when studies neglect to address this aspect of drug addiction when making ridiculous blanket statements about its nature.

Ninety-nine point nine (nine) percent of scientists are unable to address the subjective nature of an individual and evolving psychosocial problem - of which the pathology is too quickly mutable.

Most likely, they believe that having smoked weed as an undergrad or - at most - taken some ectasy qualifies them as being able to address the subjective nature of 'drug addiction'.

Journals like 'Addiction' are often lopsided, politcally inclined and promote a victim psychology of recovery, much like the outdated 12-step methodology (sure, it may work for some, but not for a lot of people).

There are so many opiate addicts because those drugs are far more effective at treating depression than SSRI's. So would it be so off the mark to ask just who is working to research its ability to relieve depression and working on a non-addictive anti-depressant based on this? (and why not?)

Serotonin reuptake inhibitors are largely ineffective as a cure for depression, have side effects that are often violent and a mortality rate from direct or indirect applicaiton. They often do not treat the cause, only the symptoms - if they work at all.

For instance, addiction and recovery experts would be able to save a lot of people from self-medicating with street heroin if they could see that treating the underlying modern psychosocial disorder (like ADHD or dyslexia) would help with the depression caused by the inability to function or cope today's society - even if the medication is Schedule II.

But even long-recovered 'addicts' are not to be trusted with Schedule II substances, even if it a) doesn't get them high (like many ADHD drugs) and b) saves them from a repeating cycle of dangerous street drug abuse. Not to mention it would cure the patient - not help continue the 'rehabilitation' industry.

To ignore all possible avenues is immoral, wrong, a farce- and very, very tragic. All stemming from public ignorance and fear. This pharmaceutical-law enforcement-political-'rehabilitative'-medical complex (DEA, related institutions and the politics and 'research' surrounding it) often kills more innocent people and destroys more families than lives they claim to be 'saving'. Some have the best of intentions. But the most intelligent members of this emergent cabal know what they're doing wrong.

"Cognitive dissonance, [Senator/Officer/Director/Doctor/Counselor]? Here's some morphine. This will help you forget all those people whose lives you are destroying - make you comfortably numb."

R.I.P. Pawel Malkowski, 1980-2005.

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