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July 19, 2006


How does this study take into account the psycological state of the subjects prior to the administration of the psilocybin? Many studies confirm a high positive correlation between prior psycological conditions and amplified after effects (ie: someone depressed before taking psilocybin may be more likely to feel more depressed afterwards and someone with a sound [happy] psycological state may feel even better afterwards).

You could standardize the strength of the psilocybin by drying and then grinding the mushrooms. Put the powder in gel caps, and put those gel caps along with a packet of dessicate in an airtight jar filled with carbon dioxide by allowing a small piece of dry ice to sublimate in it before tightening the lid. Place this jar in the freezer until use. This will keep the active ingredients from breaking down over time.

Someone with experience with mushrooms could give you a ballpark estimate of the potency. At least, close enough to dose each person with the correct number of gel caps.

Fill other gel caps with sugar and you have a placebo. Number each at random and have a person that isn't otherwise involved in the experiment to record which is active and which is not.

Not that I would suggest doing this or anything, but performing an getting definitive results on this subject is by no means out of reach of anyone without GC/MS capabilities. I would certainly leave it to the professionals if anyone is actually studying the subject. You can always have the gel caps tested later.

There is also the possibility of adding a known concentration of another chemical to some of the powder and sending a sample to be tested at a drug laboratory. They have policies against giving the concentrations of active ingredients in a sample, but some labs will tell you the ratio between the various chemicals.

I have some measure of personal experience with psilocybin and depression. The first time I took psilocybin I was in the midst of a bout of depression and I noticed that the negative thoughts that I had been experiencing vanished soon after the initial onset of the drug. This lasted for the next couple days until my mood fell back to the level before the initial experience with psilocybin.

I can also report that after a few subsequent doses of psilocybin throughout the next few weeks my negative thoughts went away completely for the next 1.5 to 2 months.

Research on psychoactive for use as medication for certain psychological disorders has been very positive so far. Hopefully government will become a bit more generous in granting permission for studies on the therapeutic effects of psychoactive drugs.

Sorry, the two instances of psychoactive in the last paragraph should each read hallucinogenic.

I have experience taking psilocybin during extreme depression during my first year of university. (I am diagnosed with clinical depression). I was going through a terrible bout of depression at the time that I took the mushrooms. I still remember the night, it was early December of 2001. I remember it because that night was one of the most deeply spiritual journeys I have ever taken. That was the night I stopped doing any kind of substances. It was the night that my life turned around.

I went later that week to see my therapist and she was ASTOUNDED at the change she saw. Even 4 years later, at our last therapy session, she asked what prompted such an incredible change. I responded with 'Magic Mushrooms'. They made me realize so much about myself and simply turned my negative view on life upside down.

I truly believe that they saved my life.

signed up just to post this.

I was first diagnosed with Clinical Depression in grade 5, and suffered greatly from it for the entirety of my middle school and the most part of my high school years. Antisocial, frequently unemotional and, well, depressed I had low marks and even lower self esteem, I was suicidal often, generally being apathetic to life or anything really. I also was hopelessly addicted to the online game World of Warcraft, which although isn't physically addictive, can become incredibly entrancing when one feels the need to escape reality.

In grade 12 i decided to try out Psilocybin mushrooms, just as a "whatever, lets get all messed up!" kinda thing, expecting rainbows, unicorns and all that crap that society associates with psychedelics. The experience was nothing like i'd ever imaged, filled with awe, fear, paranoia, and amazement. In the following days i noticed that my un-emotiveness and depression had, well, disappeared. For the first time in... ever... i felt alive, felt what the human experience was about, and promptly changed my life. I became vastly more social, worked much harder at school, and generally felt better about everything. It was like my life was black and white (a cliche i'm sure people who suffer from depression will excuse), and the mushrooms brought colour and depth into it.

It's been about a year and a half, my 60 average in grade 9 - 12 turned into an 85 one in fifth year, got a job, a girlfriend, and am now in a university program that i find very interesting. Had someone told me about this over a year and a half ago i'd have never believed them, i honestly though i would have offed myself by now. The psychedelic experience completely changed and, without a doubt, saved my life. Medication on the other hand just made me too apathetic to kill myself, i suppose thats a good thing... right?

I truly hope that some day psychedelics will be used to their full potential to (in controlled environments of course) help countless people.

There are many studies already made dated as far back as 1950´s, much longer the government started controlling psychedelics. The question is what should be done with the billion dollar life medication industries or our governments that unconditionally support them all under the people´s auspice or pain. I´ve been suicidal my whole life, took fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline... works for six months and after a while the doc. tries another one, and after 2002 I,ve been taken ayahuasca once a month and lately changed for low dosages of Psilocybe mushroom, My way of viewing life has totally turned to such a bright side I have never imagime to be possible. I am 56 now and why didn´t I tried that 30 years ago. Because I was told that psychedelics were bad for me, and I believed it and it is illicit.

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