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January 16, 2007


Is the melding of self and "intimate others" possibly the result of subjugation and more tightly defined family roles?

That is some very interesting research, and definitely opens up a new line of evidence for determining causal links in the various 'key' concepts (self-construal, values) that stand out in our otherwise catch-all notion of culture. A further interesting question might be: presuming further research supports this paper's conclusions about the physiological substrate underlying perception of self & other, to what extent is that perception heritable, and to what extent malleable?

In addition, I think it necessary to determine what exactly that ROI is responsible for; even the representation of oneself and others is a complex process. Studies investigating subjects with damage to that ROI would be useful.

I would like to see this kind of work done in regards to the emergentist psychological theories of Claire Graves, Don Beck, and Christopher Cowan.

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